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I apologize for being seemingly negligent of the LDA blog; I have been quite busy over the last month, for which I am quite grateful. Usually I’m caught amongst the mixed garden of planning my October nuptials, creating new routines, gearing up for four confirmed shows and working my way into the first Hooping.org Hooping Idol contest but I wanted to take a moment to update you.

First, the four shows! Here’s the round-up:

March 26 — Miss Lolly Pop’s Saturday Night Special at The Pond; 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.; Franklin, TN. I am performing two numbers, along with musical guest Jon Cohen & comedian Brad Hinderliter. This is a FREE, 21+ variety show.

April 2 — Juggleville VI: Dr. Jugglestein’s Apprentice at Vanderbilt University’s Langford Auditorium; two shows, 2 p.m. & 8 p.m.; Nashville, TN. Juggleville is an annual show presented by Vandy’s Juggling & Physical Arts Club, who perform & staff the production. JPAC also brings in professional performing artists, in the past including Music City Soul & Legacy Rhythmic; this year, Leopard Dance Arts is joining the cast in five, count ‘em FIVE, numbers! This show is for the entire family, so come out! Tickets are $7 at the door or can be purchased in advance through Ticketmaster (beware of TM fees, though!).

April 16 — Bellydance in the Boro at Bluesboro. I met the ladies of Umbra Fusion Belly Dance, courtesy of Rose Hips Bellydance, when we all performed together for the ThunderBear CD release party in February. I love seeing these ladies and having the chance to perform with both the ladies of Umbra Fusion & Rose Hips makes me really happy!

April 23 — PROMocalypse at the Cannery Ballroom; 9 p.m., 18 +, prom (at least dresses & suits) attire required; Nashville, TN. What is PROMocalypse you ask? Well, it’s a prom and a lot of people (a lot) dress up as prom-going zombies, including myself. You don’t have to go as a zombie but you do have to dress up. This year is guaranteed to be better than last year and I say that with the utmost confidence as we have a bigger venue, larger bar and I’m bringin’ on TWO hot zombie dance numbers to the performance stage. Plus, DJ Wick-It will be throwing down an awesome set, so you may find me free-flowing later on the dance floor! Tickets are $10.

Now I’ve thrown all the upcoming performances at you, let’s move on to the new routines…or at least as much as I’m willing to give away right now. I have about six different routines in various shades of completion going on right now. Some are tailored towards a specific audience, others will be able to be used for any show. Needless to say, I am gaining new skills –acrobatics or boxes, anyone?– to use in these routines and all will be shared at some point in time. The big reveal may be a show or it may be an arty video release but I will get them out there for your consumption.

Before I head to bed as I have a full weekend of rehearsals & my birthday celebration, I did want to touch on the Hooping.org Hooping Idol contest I mentioned. I generally do not participate in contests for anything but this one piqued my interest. Not for the prize package but for the CHALLENGES of creating short-notice performance videos on a specific, hoop-related topic and getting the feedback of well-known hoopers as judges of the performance. I’m already relishing the feedback I have received from the 80s week challenge & look forward to continuing in the contest. This week’s challenge was Flow, something I find to be mostly an outward projection of an inner feeling and difficult to do “on demand” as it were. But I did it and already have the video up on my personal YouTube, which I will share here on the video page and in the next blog post.

Much thanks and love to everyone who is supporting me as a performer, artist and Hooping Idol contestant. You do not realize how much all of you mean to me. :)

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